Dr. Glenn Ferris, 05/24/99

By Larry Campbell, ADN 05/31/99

Searchers found the body of a local pilot missingfor a week on a remote beach Sunday.

There was no sign of his aircraft, but rescuers recovered the body of 52-year-old Dr. Glenn Ferris on Sunday morning about seven miles southeast of Point Possession, near Chickaloon Bay. Ferris was discovered during air passovers by members of the Civil Air Patrol, said Maj. Mike Haller of the Air National Guard.

An Alaska State Trooper was flown by helicopter to recover the body about noon, Haller said. Ferris was found wearing a floatation device, but searchers found no sign of the Anchorage physician's Stinson 108.

Ferris had been missing since May 24 after he'd flown two pastors to Vogel Lake, across the mouth of Turnagain Arm, for an overnight trout fishing trip. He was last seen taking off from Campbell Lake early that Monday morning to pick them up.

CAP searchers from Kenai, Birchwood and Anchorage had flown nearly 200 hours and covered almost 4,000 square miles looking for Ferris or his aircraft, Haller said. They had little to go on. No flight plan had been required, and none was filed. There was never any radio call for help, nor a signal from an emergency locator transmitter.

An autopsy would be performed to determine the exact cause of death, Haller said.