Gerald Rose, 1952

Accidents in North American Mountaineering 1952, Pg. 17

AK: Kinai Peninsula. While Hiking on the Spencer Glacier in the Kenai Peninsula, Gerald Rose, 21, fell into a crevasse and was killed. His companion, Robert Rose, 23 went for help. Rescue operations were hampered by bad weather, including 60 - mile an hour gales and fog, and the inability of Rose to remember the exact location of the fall.

Source of information: newspaper account.

Analysis: Whether or not these men were qualified for their undertaking is not known, as the few detail available do not disclose how much experience and equipment they possessed. Apparently they were unroped. A party of two faces a recognized danger on any crevassed glacier, due to the great difficulty likely to be encountered by one person effecting the rescue of the other. In this case, the survivor should have especially marked or other wise recorded the place of the fall before leaving the scene to get help.