Jeffrey Sutton, 07-05-03

Soldier climbing glacier falls to his death after rock cuts rope
ADN, 07-09-03

MENDENHALL GLACIER - A North Carolina man was killed in a climbing accident on the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska State Troopers said Tuesday.

Jeffrey Sutton, 29, of Fayetteville was climbing the glacier's Taku Towers on Saturday when he fell. A fellow climber, Arleigh William Dean, 39, of Juneau told authorities that Sutton was about a third of the way down the west tower when his rope was cut on a rock and he fell to the base of the tower.

Dean rappeled to the base and found Sutton dead.

Dean skied to a nearby camp but was unable to find the caretaker. So he then skied back to his camp, packed up his gear and secured Sutton's body in a bag to protect against predators.

He skied to the north branch of the glacier, where he radioed for help. A helicopter transported Dean to Juneau.

Troopers and Dean recovered Sutton's body Monday night.

Sutton was a captain in the Army and was in the process of transferring to the U.S. Coast Guard, troopers said.

-- The Associated Press